Oil/Natural Gas Pipelines

Oil/Natural Gas Pipelines

GlobalENCO is a world multinational contractor in the survey, design, consultation, procurement, construction and management of long-distance pipelines and their auxiliaries, as well as medium-to-large Pipeline works. We provide customers with engineering services for pipelines used to transport different medium such as crude oil, natural gas, refined products, LPG, coal gas, nitrogen, oxygen, water, ethylene, coal and ore slurry, engineering services for oil and gas storage, and technical services for oil and gas storage and transportation, in compliance with Local and international standards.

We provide the following services:

Engineering survey, design, supervision and consultation

Pipeline construction

We install pipelines in different conditions such as mountains, deserts, plateau, tundra, swamps, hydrographic net, and collapsible loess. We are experienced in advanced technologies including semi-automatic pipeline welding, all-position automatic welding, and all-position internal welding. We have a sophisticated quality management system, HSE system, OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) system, and operational specifications.

Pipeline anti-corrosion work

CNPC has multiple world-leading operation lines, which can build a composite tri-layer anti-corrosion structure externally on steel pipes, or externally apply coal-tar enamel for anti-corrosion purposes, or internally apply coatings on steel pipes. Therefore, we can undertake tri-layer PP or PE anti-corrosion work, FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coating, and application of coal-tar enamel for anti-corrosion purposes. In addition, we can carry out anti-corrosion and heat-preservation work on other containers such as metallic storage and transportation containers and metallic gas tanks, as well as metallic anti-corrosion structures