Wind Power Plants

Wind Power Plants

GlobalENCO has been carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance on wind turbines for manys years, reducing the potential future costs of repair or, if necessary, repairing them safely in the shortest time possible.

GlobalENCO is an independent company, not tied to any manufacturer, and which offers absolute geographical mobility in Europe, North, Central and South America and North Africa.

Scope of services

1, Annual preventive contracts include:

- Preliminary inspection of the wind turbine at the start of the contract

- Preventive-maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications:

- Oil change

- Greasing

- Review of torque and screws

- measuring of electrical values and temperatures

- Analysis of oils

- Supply And comprehensive management of spares and consumables

- Staff availability 365/24

- 97% machine availability warranty

- Supply of tools and equipment for working in aeros

- Monitoring and control of the plants, delivery of detailed periodic reports with photographs

2. Corrective maintenance:

- Identifying and resolution of electrical faults

- Machine reset

- Replacing small components

- Replacing large components

- Retrofits

- Repairing of telecommunication systems


- Improvement of the management of aeros

- Improvement of productivity and profitability (even over 15 years)

- Improvement of security operatives

- Improvement of costs

- Improvement of prediction effectiveness of MW produced

- Extension of lifespan